OK I’m back there have been a few changes in my life professionaly that I’d like to share, it has been a great experience being an Independent Contractor but at the same time I’ve been facing new challenges both personal and professional as it is way different from I was used to but totally worth it.

But the most important thing is that I have the chance to be with my daughter and my wife at home helping with the huge raising task and responsability of being a parent of this little amazing new person.

It’s been three months so far that I sail towards this new adventure, and even though the challenge of adapting to this new way of working independently in the first month was hard right now I feel it fits so well to the way I use to work.

I feel more with even more concentration on my tasks and responsabilities and better communicated with my peers even though every person I’m working with are doing so remotely.

So cheers to this, I just wanted to share this great experience!