What!? It’s been over a year since my last post but and I’ve said the same thing in the last post as well. I’ll keep trying my best to post more frequently in the future.

What a ride the last year has been I’ve started working at an Insurance Company and now I’ve moved over doing QA but in an Open Source company centralized in the Kubernetes echosystem. Moved over doing manual QA and a bit of Java API/UI automation to Golang and Python.

I gotta say the change is huge because is the first Start Up I’ve ever been hired to and also being an Open Source projects focused one just makes it even more interesting.

You can just take a look at what I’ve been into at my Github profile to have an idea of the type of projects I’m currently participating.

It’s worth to mention that the Kubernetes learning curve was really steep but it was worth it.

So yeah, in the personal area me and Cristina are feeling more settled living in United States and it was a bit bumpy the first six months but now I feel we’re doing really well.