I’ve been using a lot this WebdriverIO library to design functional end to end and regression tests lately, when I started with it I was using old pre-ES6 syntax and even mixed ES6 with vanilla syntax, however now I feel more familar with all the transpilers and in how the JS tools allow me to use classes for OOP (which it’s just syntactic sugar for Prototypes) in JavaScript.

So after some time I decided to create this wdioTraining repo to have a reference for historical purposes in case I want not to start from scratch a new project.

I’m including the babel dependencies, WebdriverIO services modules and extra stuff like cloud services integration like Sauce Labs and TravisCI, making it publicly available in the process in case anyone else wants to take a look at it, I’m also using simple Mocha spec and a few examples of Page Objects in WebdriverIO all using the ES6 syntax.

As part of the example I’m using a simple search in a travel website, but I plan to maybe switch on using Wikipedia searches instead, just to use an open source website. Hope it’s of some help for someone.