Hello Again!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a new post in this blog, there has been quite new developments in my personal life that lead me to start investigating one of my so long avoided Selenium stacks, Java, Webdriver and Cucumber or just cucumber-jvm.

For many years even when I was at College, I’ve been a strong detractor of the Java programming language, it’s too verbose for me, specially when at the time I was learning Python and then adopted Ruby for some of the projects I worked with.

In the past few days I stumbled upon this book called Mastering Selenium Webdriver 3.0 which explains the foundational bits of a Java Selenium webframework infrastructure, and I was super hooked with it. There are too many tools that ease the configuration, setup, execution, parallel execution of tests CI setup, best practices, etc.

Also all the code examples are available in this repository which makes the book very easy to test with an IDE like Intellij thanks to the use of Maven.

In the following month I’ll be digging more in this stack, and I’ll check if I can set a repository with it to use as foundation with these tools, and perhaps integrate it wiht Selenide who would tell that some day I would be reading about and using this stack which has been very interesting so far.